Monday, September 23, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things.

Okay, I've done interview posts, advice posts, cover swap posts. I think today should be a random fun day post! Yay!

For the Home Office

Hate those whiteboard calendars? I do too. Buy a fun picture frame or recycle one from Goodwill to create your own dry erase board.

This works much better for daily word count goals and you can even change out the back design because its a cute picture frame~ 

Or put your favorite Quote of the day!

Here's mine from a Writers Retreat I did in Sunriver Oregon!

I asked each author to write down their goals for the weekend.

***My goals were lots of hot tub time, food, friends and finishing Fable.

What about all of those books we have?
How about making a book shelf out of.....Books!

I happen to have tons of old books that I bought just because I thought the hard cover was beautiful. Not that I'd ever read it. I'm sure a few of you have trunks full of decorative books like I do. 

Home Made E-Reader stand!

Want to make your own ereader stand. Directions can be found here at 

What about Jewelry?
Every aspiring author needs cute jewelry.  I find that I'm obsessed with Typewriter face jewelry.

This Pendant is from The Pendant Island Etsy Shop

Ring from The Rusted Key Etsy Shop


Found this on Tumblr and was surprised that
 3 of my books were featured on  
A very cute way to connect readers with the characters in your book!

Book Swag

I absolutely love book charms. I think they are cute and adorable and fun for prizes and giveaways and swag for conventions.

I got my books made from the BookSwagShop on Etsy.

I had some mini purse charms like this made for my books. 
I just didn't have any pictures of them on my computer.

Food Food...Glorious Food.

Someone make me these now.
Made with fondant and edible paper.

Butterbeer Latte Recipe

Cold Butterbeer Recipe

Recipe found Here at Design Lovely

I could spend all day sharing my favorite book things. But I will stop here for now. Feel free to PIN AWAY!

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