Monday, June 3, 2013

Inteview With A Reader (You)

by Michelle Muto 

I’ve been on tour lately with The Haunting Season. Tours are always fun. There’s snippets and playlists and interviews! Oh, my!

Today, I’d like to turn the tables a bit. I’d like to interview YOU, the reader. This could be fun, don’t you think? Sure it will! Go grab a drink, pull up a chair. I'll wait. All comfy? Then let’s get on with the interview.

Oh, and no fair peeking at your fellow readers  until you’ve answered the questions for yourself.

  1. What genres do you read most? 
  2. What attracted you to the last book you read? 
  3. You wish you saw more of… 
  4. You wish you saw less of… 
  5. What’s your favorite time and place to read?

 And no interview is complete without some fun, non-book questions

  1. Weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse?
  2. Favorite TV show?
  3. The dessert most people love, but you don’t?

My answers:
  1. Paranormal, thriller, suspense, horror.
  2. The subject/blurb/genre.
  3. Humorous stories.
  4. Erotica (It's just not my thing.)
  5. Evening, curled up in bed or on the sofa.
  1. Dean Winchester. ‘Nuff said.
  2. Supernatural. Are you sensing a theme? 
  3. S’Mores. 


  1. LOL. I too would take Dean Winchester as my weapon of choice in a Zombie apocalypse. ;)

    1. Smart, Crystal. Very smart choice. :-)

  2. This is very interesting to read!