Friday, November 2, 2012

The Indelibles say "Thank You" with a blogfest!

Hi everyone! Can you believe it's November already?  Nope, we can't either.  But we don't mind, because November gives another opportunity to give away awesome prizes! If you participated in our recent Get Your Spook on Bloghop, THANK YOU!

Before we introduce you to our next celebration, let's take a moment to shout Huzzah for our
Get Your Spook On Winners!

M.R. Buttars won the $50 gift card

Denizb33, Gongjumonica, Suzy Turner and Donna K. Weaver won critiques!
Congratulations everyone ~ we'll be in touch!

And now that Halloween is behind us, it's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving.  I love the opportunity Thanksgiving gives me to reflect on the blessings I've received in the past year and to open my heart in an effort to find new ways to share.  One of things I am most thankful for is the journey I've begun as an Indie author.  It's been amazing.  So many people helped me find my way, and I have loved being able to help others just starting out in return.

That's why, in this spirit of thankfulness and giving,
the Indelibles bring you INDIE-giving!

This blogfest will run from November 18-25 (the Sunday-to-Sunday surrounding Thanksgiving).

During this week, each participating blogger will reflect on her or his blessings and share something with visitors.  Some may choose to give away a book.  Some may choose to share the best piece of advice they wished they'd known before they published.  The choice of what to share will be as unique as the individual blogger.  The only requirement is that you open your heart in the spirit of thankfulness and giving.

Although this is something we could do individually, banding together to share our blessings seemed like the right thing to do.  If you'd like to join us, add your name to the linky list and get your post ready for November 18th.  Whether you're an Indie author or just love reading Indie books, we hope you'll join us.  We can't wait to see what blessings have been bestowed upon you this year.


  1. Thanks! I have several ebooks in my possession that I want to giveaway, and this is the perfect opportunity to bundle them up.

  2. Where I'm at in my life and career, I'm thankful for everything!
    I'll either post on November 19 to coincide with "The Great Reveal" or right before Thanksgiving.

  3. Lovely way to be thankful. I've signed up and I'll put a post on my blog about the event.

  4. Even it is not my traditional holiday, I respect all the holidays that celebrate any kind of humanity... and I personal have a lot to be thankful. Thank you for this opportunity.

  5. I'll second everyone's comments! I'm in!

  6. I'll second these comments! I'm in!

  7. What a great idea in celebration of Thanksgiving! Already signed up. :)