Friday, November 16, 2012

Just who is Christine Fonseca???

Hi everyone! I can not tell you HOW THRILLED I am to be part of this amazing group of writers. You know, I am a huge fan of the musical WICKED....
And this amazing group of writers are like Elphaba and are Defying Gravity and taking on the industry on their own terms. I am honored to count them all amongst my friends.
When I joined, they asked if I'd do a short intro post. Well, you all read my "bio" a week ago or so. Now I thought I'd share the REAL story about me and my books....

About Me:
  • I've been writing for about four years. And yes, I LOVE writing both fiction and nonfiction, for totally different reasons
  • I still work with kids everyday. And yes, I call it "research"
  • I am hopelessly addicted to skinny vanilla lattes. Surprisingly, my characters are not.
  • I once went diving with sharks - most exhilarating experience of my life.
  • My life is very normal - work, kids, writing. That's it. Honestly, I have little time for much else.

About My Books:
  • I starting out writing fiction, but published nonfiction first.
  • My nonfiction books are geared for teachers, parents, teens and children.
  • My fiction is definitely older YA and often deals with edgy, dark, macabre topics.
  • I toyed with the idea of writing under a pseudonym, but honestly - it's a ton of work. So, here I am, publishing both under my name. Sure seems easier this way!
  • Everything I write - nonfiction parenting titles, sweeping YA gothic tales, and psychological thrillers - explores the deeper aspects of being human. It's just my "thing".
  • My book titles include: DIES IRAE, a Requiem Novella, LACRIMOSA, LIBERA ME (both part of the Requiem Series), TRANSCEND, a YA thriller, and several nonfiction titles. I have 4 books coming in 2013. EEP! You can get complete info on my blog or website.
About Writing:
  • I am definitely a plotter. I tried to write without outlining once - DISASTER!
  • Although I am a pantser, I only outline loosely. Meaning, it is flexible. My characters have a way of running away with me!
  • I write something everyday. It may only be for 15 minutes - but I do it daily. 
  • I am thoroughly addicted to writing and can't image NOT doing it anymore. That said, I consider quitting often. Maybe even daily. Okay, hourly.... 
  • I am toying with the idea of teaching writing classes. I just love helping others, so this seems a natural fit.
  • I owe everything to my group of teen readers. They let me pick their brain, tell me when I'm being lame, and help me brainstorm. They are EPIC.

Want to know anything else about me? (I can't image that you would, but hey, you never know) Just drop me an email at:


Can''t wait to find out more about all of you and share writing info, etc...



  1. Hi, Christine! I write a lot like you. I'm a plotter and a pantser. I have to know where I'm going, or I end up going a lot of nowheres.

    Exciting to see you here at the Indelibles.

    1. Thanks Heather! I am beyond excited to be here.

  2. Welcome!! I'm so excited you've joined us!

  3. Hi Christine! and Welcome! I absolutely loved Transcend. Loved the surprise twists and turns.

    1. Thank you so much Laura! That made my night

  4. Welcome Christine! Such a fabulous author and even more fabulous person. I'm so glad you've joined our ranks!