Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Honesty, self publishing, and home-made pastries.

I’m not a cook. I don’t even really know how to cook. I follow recipes. But somehow we do okay. My family eats nutritious meals and sometimes they turn out pretty good. Well, not according to my younger son, who commented yesterday.

“Is that vomit? Or butternut squash?”

I told him he’d appreciate butternut squash when he’s older.

I really don’t want to talk about the numerous times I’ve completely dissolved the chicken in the crock-pot because it cooked too long. Or the fact that my mac and cheese still tastes like pasta with melted cheese despite my many attempts.

What I love is the creative side of cooking. I love to find a fun recipe and then bake it, usually just to see if I can do it. One time, I found the recipe for a breakfast Danish. And decided I was going to do this. Oh, the cookbook made it look so good. Golden crusted outside, a fruit filling spilling out the scored tops, and this melt-in-your mouth glaze dribbled over the top.

Thankfully, without too much trouble, I made it. And it was absolutely delicious. I even got really brave and made it again to bring to a sleepover reunion with high school friends.

The mom of one of my friends took one look at it and smiled. She said, “Now that’s homemade.”

But her remark was not an insult. She recognized the fact that if a professional had made it, or a factory, it would’ve had perfectly rounded corners. Each score across the top would’ve been exactly an inch apart, and the glaze would’ve been evenly applied.

I’ll connect the dots if you haven’t already. I’ve been reading a lot of self published books lately. Not because of the price but because I love the honesty in the writing and the story.

I love that they’re not perfect.

Laura Pauling loves pastries. And you'll find them sprinkled through out the pages of A SPY LIKE ME. The sequel, HEART OF AN ASSASSIN, is due out soon!

Her debut middle grade, HOW TO SURVIVE ANCIENT SPELLS AND CRAZY KINGS will be released in November. Try to say that title several times fast.

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  1. Great analogy, Laura! I never thought of it that way!

  2. Clever! Both the analogy and the segue into your bio. :)

    I totally agree with your assessment of self-published works--there's an organic feel to them; they don't feel contrived or cookie-cutter or "big box" at all. I didn't know that one could feel such things about books, but I find I can!

  3. Lately, with all the books I've read, it's the honesty that has come across. Almost like the author could just write the story without worrying about this and that, is it big enough....etc. And I love them.

  4. I'm the same way - give me a great story and I could care less if it's perfectly polished.