Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#indiechat Topic: All About Pinterest

On tonight's #indiechat, we'll be talking about all things Pinterest, in particular how authors can use Pinterest creatively in their work and promotion of their books. We will also have Chris Whigham, Social Media Manager for Derby City Social Media stopping by to talk Pinterest with us!

Stop by #indiechat on Twitter at 9pm EST tonight (6/19)!

First, here are the Pinterest Boards for several Indelibles, so you can browse and see how different authors are using Pinterest already:

Second, here a great post on how to use Pinterest:

And finally, an example of how I (Susan Kaye Quinn) used Pinterest to construct some bonus content for the release of my most recent novel, Closed Hearts. I essentially created Boards for two of my characters, with material relevant to the time period between the first and second books in the series.

Here's a peek...

I live in Chicago New Metro in the year 2110, although you couldn't tell by the way mindjackers are treated. But I started out as a zero, so I'm somewhat used to it. I just turned seventeen and got a new name. Couldn't keep the old one. Too many mindreaders and jackers angry about what I did. But no one will find me here - will they?

I'm Rafael Amaro Lobos Santos, but my friends call me Raf. I read minds like everyone else, but some days I wish I was a mindjacker instead. I know, crazy, right? But things would be ... simpler ... then. Although my parents would probably disown me, so there's that. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for love. Even Mama would understand that. 


  1. I'm scared to add Pinterest to my sites! I don't know if I'd ever find my way back out! My daughter LOVES it :)

  2. I'd love to know more about Pinterest. I'll do my best to drop in on the topic!

  3. Pinterest is great. I was able to do a virtual vision board for my book for fans to look through my eyes a bit. I'm interested to see how other's use it and experience.