Friday, April 6, 2012

Time for a Vacation...

Everyone needs a break once in a while, right?

Right now, I'm getting mine. As you read this, I'm probably on the road - somewhere between Atlanta and Orlando. Yes, my family is embarking on The Great Road Trip of 2012!

We're off to Orlando (where the extended forecast tells me it's supposed to rain while we're there - grumph). Not to see the Mouse, but to see Harry Potter! My kids are almost 10 and almost 6 (their birthdays are mid-month) and both are dying to see Hogwarts. Me too!!!

Megg, 1979
The last time I was at Disney World, I was four. That was (let me get out my calculator - hang on a sec...) 32 years ago. I remember very little. There's bits and pieces of It's a Small World (which my mom says was the only time I stopped talking during the trip) and a teeny bit of the parade. I don't remember the parade specifically. I remember dancing in the street before it started. I guess I was cute because people were clapping for me. All I recall is the massive sunburn I had and that I was hot...and impatient, which is why I was dancing. I'm not very good at sitting still.

I know, you're reading this and you're wondering... What does this have to do with books or publishing or reading? Um, yeah, sorry, it doesn't have anything to do with any of those.

I'm on vacation so I wanted to give you one too. No deep thoughts. Just a reminder that sometimes it doesn't hurt to take a break from real life. All of us need a vacation, whether it's an afternoon off of work, holing up at the ice cream shoppe, or a weekend in Vegas. Break out of the routine once in a while. It's good for ya!

Okay, I have to prep now for wand selection at Ollivander's. When I was sorted on Pottermore, I ended up in Slytherin. I'm a little afraid of which wand will choose me... ;)



  1. Disney World is my personal 'Happy Place' and we are lucky enough to be able to drive. It inspires the younger me and my kids absolutely love it. Glad you are there and wish I was too.

  2. Ooo have fun! I love Disney World and I am so jealous I want to see Hogwarts too!!

  3. You're SO close to me! I can't believe we didn't make plans to meet up. :(

  4. awww... you really ought to go back to the Magic Kingdom! My 6 & 7 year olds loved it last month!!

  5. Hey girl your picture cracks me up. Okay I'm going to stop looking at Ryan Gosling pictures now and maybe write...or vacation.