Monday, January 9, 2012

Indelibles On Fire - Kindle Fire Giveaway!

The Indelibles are fun, fierce and fabulous authors who hope to make a permanent mark on readers. To read how we got started, go here.

Today starts our Kindle Fire Giveaway Plus 25 of our books. The person who wins this can also email us once you receive the Kindle Fire and get coupons for each of our books to load up and get started.

This contest starts at 12:01 AM tonight, early Mon morning) and ends 12:01 AM EST (early Thurs morning). The winner will be posted here on this blog next Monday.

Other Upcoming Launch Events
Tuesday, Jan 17th 8-9 pm (blogger chat)
Wed, Jan 18th 8-9 EST (writer chat)

25 Individual Giveaways
On each blog, the author will offer another giveaway of their choice. Just to thank you for playing. :)

How do you enter the Kindle Fire contest?
Using the form at the bottom of this post, there are four mandatory steps (and one optional one for an extra entry). You have to:

  1. Follow the Indelibles Blog (uh easy!)
  2. Like us on Facebook (Even easier)
  3. Follow us on Twitter (and bonus - we will follow you back :)
  4. Complete our Launch Day Blog Hop to get the SECRET PHRASE (this is the tricky part but after all it IS a KINDLE FIRE!)
For an extra entry - You can tweet about our giveaway (this is OPTIONAL, but you’ll get an extra entry PLUS we’ll heart you X 25.)

Everyone who completes the form (no later than midnight wed night/thursday am) will be entered to win the Kindle Fire through Rafflecopter (the winner will be chosen by

Blog Hop - Secret Phrase
  1. Each blog on the Blog Hop has ONE KEY WORD for the secret phrase, which will be at the bottom of every post. It will be easy to find - we promise.
  2. Visit all blogs to collect all the key words (plus, you will also find 25 great new bloggers that also have special giveaways. BONUS!)
  3. Then enter the phrase into the form along with completing steps 1-3 above.
You have 3 days to do this!

Blog Hop Order

Please visit these blogs in order as they are provided.

Don't forget to write down the word at each blog for the secret phrase.

1) Indelibles Home page (look at bottom of this page for first word)
3) Heather McCorkle
4) Stacey Wallace Benefiel
5) Megg Jensen
6) Sarra Cannon
7) RaShelle Workman
8) Karly Kirkpatrick
9) Elle Strauss
10) Jessie Harrell
11) Christine Bryant
12) Laura Pauling
13) Susan Quinn
14) Michelle Muto
15) Genevieve Ching
16) Katie Klein
17) Magan Vernon
18) Cheri Lasota
19) Cindy Hogan
20) Ali Cross
21) Angela Carlie
22) Melanie McCullough
23) Addison Moore
24) Lisa Nowak
25) Shelli Johannes Wells
26) Cory Putman Oakes
27) Indelibles Home (Enter in all the words in the form)
Disclaimer: You must be 13 to enter or have parent's permission to enter. Valid for US only. Winner will be chosen through We are not responsible for lost or damaged merchandise once the item is shipped. Void where prohibited.

Good luck! And thanks for celebrating Indelible Launch Day with us! We look forward to being blogger buddies and getting to know you all.

With love, the Indelibles (First KEYWORD: THE)
Next Stop in the Blog Hop: Karen Amanda Hooper

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  2. I'll be following the blog hop! Looks like fun and there are some great prizes. Congrats on the Indelibles launch :)

  3. Congrats to all of you! You are a great group.

  4. The Rafflecopter form wouldn't allow me to enter the phrase. If you can tell me to whom I can e-mail it.

  5. Whew! This was a marathon event!

    I entered everybody's small feat... but I did it to show my support for this fabulous group of writers.

    Best wishes, everyone!

    Cheers, Ash

  6. I now have a new Twitter account. That felt like more work than the blog hop! But I was pleased to note that I already have many of your books and many of your blogs already in my favorites. Thanks!

  7. Oh man! So many great-sounding books! I have to back through now to all the authors and follow and check out the books in more detail!

  8. This was a great blog hop. I really enjoyed meeting each author and their books and I look forward to all of your posts! Great job!!

  9. @Ash Thanks Ash for hopping through and entering!

  10. @Desok Thanks so much for supporting the Indelibles!

    @April Thanks for checking us out!

    @Ansha So great to see you here! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  11. LOVED this! Such a great idea and generous giveaways. You guys totally rock!! :-)

  12. It was fun to meet all of you! (And see some of my old friends.) You guys are totally awesome.

  13. Oh maaan! I don't have a Facebook account, so I can't enter, but good luck with your launch!

  14. @Suze Sorry about the FB requirement! Sometimes I think we forget that not the ENTIRE world is on FB. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  15. @Yelena Awesome! Thanks for entering!

  16. What a wonderful, talented, awesome group of women you all are! You can be sure I'll be keeping an eye on you. I know you're all going places! I wish you all much success with the Indelibles!

  17. The fine print says valid for US only. Does that mean you have to live in the US, or does that mean you have to have a US mailing address?

  18. @Mandi The US restriction is for shipping purposes. If you have a US mailing address that will work fine. Thanks for entering!

  19. love this group :) hoping to get to read more of them as soon as i can! congrats to all of you :D

  20. I don't have a FB account (I know, I know...) so I won't be entering - but good luck to everyone else. Awesome contest! :)

  21. *faints* ALL my favorite authors in one place... This IS what heaven looks like!!!!

  22. WOW there are so many Authors that I now NEED to read!! YAY :) I totes heart Indie Authors whooot!!

  23. Hurray! And holy cow I can hardly comment because RD's comment has me totally laughing. Love that one!

    Thanks for all the happy wishes here ~ you guys rock!

  24. Thank you for hosting this fun hop. I really enjoyed traveling around and meeting new (to me) authors and saying high to longtime favorites. I look forward to continuing the journey. This has been a treat and I so want to win LOL I wish you all the best on this new venture with lots of joy and success!

  25. Congrats and good look - looks like you're off to a fantastic start!

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  27. What a great place for all indie published authors,I look forward to reading your blog.

  28. Congrtulations to all the incredible indelible authors. I wish you great success in the marketing of your books. The world will look forward to receiving more of your talented and creative stories.
    Feather Stone, Author of The Guardian's Wildchild (

  29. Wishing you guys all the success in the world! What a talented group you all are!

    Angella @ the bookshelf muse

  30. love the blog hop got all the secret words but cant find the form to fill in help!!!!

  31. @Carolm The Rafflecopter entry form should appear above, right below the words "Next Stop in the Blog Hop: Karen Amanda Hooper" - you may have to refresh your browser, or click on the post header to make it appear. Or possibly try a different browser. Please email me at susankayequinn (at) comcast (dot) net, if you still have difficulties! Thanks for entering!

  32. Great fun! The blog hop was fabulous and educational! THANKS! Good luck to all of you!

  33. So excited for you all! I can't wait to see what the year holds for all of you.

    Becca @ The Bookshelf Muse

  34. What a wonderful idea.. so many great reads and authors to meet along the way, have added so many new reads to my list and new authors to follow.. Great giveaway and well organized and thought out !!! ;)


  35. Awesome giveaway! =D I'm always looking for new writers, so I think this is a great idea for a blog. (Oh and I entered the contest under my real name "Rachel Danae Brown" but I'm following the blog through my username "May-Day_Aura". Didn't see a place to write my follower name in the entry form.)

  36. Wooohoooo , I got my FINAL twitter entry in with 7 minutes to spare!!!

  37. Out of all the fabulous ways to attract viewership on the internet....THIS. IS. MY. Favorite! (And yes, I am screaming because it was so much fun! I felt like I was doing a mental sprint, a few crunches, and definitely setting some check up on all you fabulous writers! :) Keep up the great work!